Permission for the child to travel abroad

Permission for the child to travel abroad - the document is necessary for minors to cross the border, in cases where the child leaves with one of the parents, independently, accompanied by third parties, or without parents.

An exit permit is issued in the form of an Application, where the parent who does not accompany the child on the trip reports that he gives his consent (does not object) to the fact that the child leaves with another parent or without parents, accompanied by a third person (not even a relative).

In the statement of the father or mother (or both parents), the notary indicates:

  1. For what period does the child go abroad;
  2. To which country or countries is he going;
  3. Who accompanies the child;
  4. What is the responsibility of the escort.

Statement signed by father or mother (or both parents), is printed on a special notary form, certified by a notary and must be presented to the border services for the child to legally cross the border of those countries from which and to which the child is traveling with one of the parents or with a third person.

Online order

Order a permit for the child's departure online

The cost of a permit for a child to travel abroad

The cost of a permit for a child to travel abroad depends on such factors as:

  • the country to which the child is going;
  • which parent gives permission to leave;
  • the period during which the child goes abroad.

Submit an application online and find out the cost issuing a permit.

Documents for issuing a permit for a child to travel abroad

To issue a permit for a child to travel abroad, the notary must provide:

  1. The original passport of the father who signs the consent to departure (who is not traveling with the child)
  2. TIN
  3. Child's birth certificate
  4. Data on the third person accompanying the child (if the parents are not traveling)

Power of attorney for the child's departure abroad

What is the difference between the Power of Attorney for the departure of the child and the Permit for the departure of the child abroad?
No different. Power of attorney is one of the names of this document - statement, and legally incorrect.
Synonyms of this notarial act, in addition to the term power of attorney, are also permission and consent on departure
Regardless of what this document is called, its essence is the same - to create legal conditions for the child's departure abroad.

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