Powers of Attorney

power of attorney - allows you to authorize any person to perform certain actions and assignments on your behalf.

Notarial certificate of power of attorney is mandatory for actions related to movable (car) on immovable property, representation of interests in state, tax, judicial authorities, banking institutions and other organizations that require a certificate of trust.

For a power of attorney you will need:

  1. Passport of the principal;
  2. Tax number of the principal;
  3. Passport details of the authorized person.

There is no need for the personal presence of a proxy.
That is, if you need to issue a power of attorney to a certain person, it is not necessary to bring it to a notary public. You can issue a power of attorney at a notary public and send it to the authorized person by mail.

In contrast to the need for the presence of the principal.
The notary has no right to certify the power of attorney and the principal's signature without the personal presence of the principal.

Online order of power of attorney

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